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Well, the good news is that these young ladies will get an opportunity 
to participate in an event that is likely to challenge them 
intellectually. It's just too bad that their cane doesn't detect 
negative attitudes as these attitudes are more problematic than any 
hole in the ground.


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> I am happy with my plain white cane.

> Thank you,

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> I certainly wouldn't want one of these.

> Alco

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> This came to me through my membership in the AER and you "techies" might be
> interested in this new development.  I am not sure how it works and I will
> have to check it out but in the meantime here it the information and link to
> the story in the Associated Press.

> Holly

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> Hi All,

> Interesting article.

>  <http://r.smartbrief.com/resp/vFzseLfKqrzziCCiceofCicNaVFn?format=standard>
> Assistive device wins Palestinian girls a trip to international science fair
> Three Palestinian students who attend a U.N.-funded girls school are taking
> their invention of a beeping walking stick to detect obstacles for people
> with visual impairments to Intel's international youth science fair next
> month in California. The students' invention remedies a design flaw in other
> laser canes by using infrared sensors to detect holes in the ground.
> Google/The Associated Press
> <http://r.smartbrief.com/resp/vFzseLfKqrzziCCiceofCicNaVFn?format=standard>

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