[nfbwatlk] Setting the Record Straight

Freeman,Mike - TOSD-DITT-2 jmfreeman at bpa.gov
Tue Aug 3 10:37:32 CDT 2010

Dear all:

I understand that there are a few ruffled feelings re the conference call the other day. While this is understandable, no slight was intended by me nor were the circumstances as simple as might be believed.

First, the call was for NFBW Board members and chapter presidents. Discussion of fund-raising was not the primary purpose of the call; we started out discussing affiliate finances and the method for evaluating and administering grants to assist individuals to attend the fall convention. The discussion morphed into a fund-raising discussion. It seemed inappropriate to me to end the call, thereby suppressing discussion when there was considerable enthusiasm.

The bottom line is that people came up with a fund-raiser spontaneously. In my book, that's a cause for celebration. While I regret any hurt feelings, the Movement is bigger than any one of us and I submit that we should figure out ways to manufacture tickets for the drawing (I'm working on this for the Clark County chapter but could always use ideas and assistance) and sell those tickets!

Up with iPod Touch 64!

Mike Freeman, President
NFB of Washington

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