[nfbwatlk] Life in the Fast Lane--Race for Independence

Prows, Bennett (HHS/OCR) Bennett.Prows at HHS.GOV
Wed May 5 10:09:57 CDT 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, ... Start Your Engines!!!  


May is the month for the Indianapolis 500, the memorial day tradition.
NASCAR racing is also in full throttle.  And this year, the blind are
gearing up to take the driver's seat to define our own destiny.  The
time is now, the track is clear, and it's time we enter the race for
independence.  The NFB's race for independence gives each of us a chance
to work with the team to fuel our worthy programs that will help all of
us achieve first class status in the world.  The keys to our success,
education, information and confidence building activities and programs
can't move the blind forward faster if we don't provide the fuel to
propel our Federation  forward at a high rate of speed. The race for
independence is a high octane activity that requires all of us to work
together to fund our movement.  If we all work together on the
Federation team to make sure our vehicle for success is in top shape and
continually performing efficiently and effectively, we will drive our
own destiny to victory and the first class citizenship gold cup.


Now that I've metaphored the list enough, I just want to remind us all
to sign up as imaginators for this year's grand fund raising effort.
Mike will be posting more information on the "race for independence",
but I want to encourage everyone to sign up to help fund the movement by
going to <www.Raceforindependence.org> and sign up as an imaginator and
setting a personal goal to help us all get the funds to pay for our many


Yes, we are talking about a car that blind people can "drive".  But
that's only a small part of what it means to be in the National
Federation of the Blind.  So, race to the web site, sign up, and
remember the end of this year's NFB race track is July 31. Now is the
time, ... we're off and running in the race for independence.




Bennett Prows


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