[nfbwatlk] WSSB/WSSD & DSB

Freeman,Mike - TOSD-DITT-2 jmfreeman at bpa.gov
Thu May 13 13:39:45 CDT 2010


The 2010 regular and special legislative sessions are over. The bills that would have changed the governmental/organizational status of WSSB/WSSD and DSB died at the end of the regular legislative session and nothing to change this was introduced in the special session (the Governor and legislators had enough to do to come up with a budget that almost everything else was eclipsed).

Bottom line: WSSB/WSSD and DSB are safe for the time being. You may safely thank those whom you deem to have helped.

As for WTBBL, we were not able to get much, if any, funding restored but at least there will be no more cuts and the Washington State Library is shielding WTBBL insofar as possible from the overall cut to its budget.

Considering the debacle we could have had, I think the blindness community came out pretty well.

Just one more demonstration of the power of collective action.

Mike Freeman, President
NFB of Washington

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