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Actually, in certain parts of New Mexico, authenticity consists of little or 
no meat, a helluva lot of beans and other indeterminate ingredients and 
tortillas to dip into the resulting glop and/or wrap around it.  I mean no 
slurs by this terminology; it's just that in a little village such as, say, 
Tortugas near Las Cruces, money tends to be a rare commodity and one eates 
what's available.

On the other hand, the Hispanics in the area eat what Jim calls "Tex-Mex" 
with just as much gusto as the Anglos.  In fact, Panchos' Mexican Buffet has 
as many or more Hispanics tucking into its fare as it does Anglos.


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> Yeah!  Definitely.  But at any rate, I totally have found some wonderful 
> Mexican food where we stay for the winter.  We are nine miles from the 
> Mexican border.  I have eaten food in Mexico and have to admit that I 
> don't really like the meat.  It has a very different taste than what I'm 
> used to.  So then it comes down to what does it mean to be authentic?  One 
> of the best Mexican restaurants in Vancouver, in my opinion is Mexico 
> Lindo, in Garrison Square.  It's not close to the hotel dough, so if 
> people wanted to go there they'd probably need to take the bus or a cab. 
> Peace,    Debby
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