[nfbwatlk] FW: [Nfbnet-master-list] Fwd: Vanda Sleep Study

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 18:53:05 CDT 2011

Gosh Mike, I wish it was that simple.  I've had trouble sleeping 
since I was a small child.  I've had trouble when I was doing 
aerobics every day, and trouble when I wasn't.  I've tried 
sleeping pills, and not had sleeping pills.  I've tried not 
taking naps during the day, and fallen asleep at my desk at work.  
What if life just isn't as simple as you think?  What if 
blindness does affect this part of life for some people?  I've 
been so miserable due to lack of sleep that I wanted to die.  So 
if this research proves that melatonin levels are affected by 
lack of light perception and they can come up with some medicine 
that could help people have normal sleep patterns, then I say 
yea!  Maybe finally some of us will actually be able to sleep 
through the night.  But if it turns out that the researchers are 
right, then it will be a myth buster.  See, blindness can't be 
"just a nuisance" if it affects something so basic as sleep.  I 
know people who have had to retire from jobs because they 
couldn't stay awake at work.  That's a little more than a 
nuisance to me.  But it's okay, in time we'll know the truth.  
And maybe, just maybe the truth will set some of us free from 
feeling dragged out all the time.    Peace,    Debby

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