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Ditto!  I not only have sleep apnea, but whatever they call that disorder of 
sleep related to the sleep cycle being unregulated because of no light.  I 
am a terrible night-owl and luckily I work from noon-8pm which helps some.

They contacted me about the sleep study and I would have done it but I am 
too plus-sized for their study, which upsets me!
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> Gosh Mike, I wish it was that simple.  I've had trouble sleeping since I 
> was a small child.  I've had trouble when I was doing aerobics every day, 
> and trouble when I wasn't.  I've tried sleeping pills, and not had 
> sleeping pills.  I've tried not taking naps during the day, and fallen 
> asleep at my desk at work.  What if life just isn't as simple as you 
> think?  What if blindness does affect this part of life for some people? 
> I've been so miserable due to lack of sleep that I wanted to die.  So if 
> this research proves that melatonin levels are affected by lack of light 
> perception and they can come up with some medicine that could help people 
> have normal sleep patterns, then I say yea!  Maybe finally some of us will 
> actually be able to sleep through the night.  But if it turns out that the 
> researchers are right, then it will be a myth buster.  See, blindness 
> can't be "just a nuisance" if it affects something so basic as sleep.  I 
> know people who have had to retire from jobs because they couldn't stay 
> awake at work.  That's a little more than a nuisance to me.  But it's 
> okay, in time we'll know the truth.  And maybe, just maybe the truth will 
> set some of us free from feeling dragged out all the time.    Peace, 
> Debby
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