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debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 19:53:34 CDT 2011

Well, okay.  I think people with vision should take care of it.  
Just like people with heart trouble take care of their hearts.  
Can people be competent, confident, fulfilled people if they're 
blind?  You bet!  But why shouldn't people take care of the 
vision they have?  I try to protect my hearing, because I think 
that my life would lose a certain dimension without hearing.  I 
don't wake up every morning and say, Man, what a bummer that I'm 
blind.  But I admit to wondering what it would be like to see the 
mountains miles and miles away, or to look at the stars at night, 
or to look at the faces of the people I love.  Does it make me 
love them any less that I can't see them?  Nope.  But it would 
add a dimension to the love I have for them if I could see them.  
I can enjoy sitting outside and hearing people describe the 
stars, or the mountains to me, and appreciate their descriptions, 
but if I could see the mountains or the stars that would add a 
dimension that I'm not able to experience.  But I'm not in 
mourning about it.  It's just a fact of life.  My husband has 
lost much of his high frequency hearing and when I tell him how 
wonderful it is to hear the birds singing he says he misses that 
sound.  It's no different.    Peace,    Debby

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