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I have had trouble after filling out all of the info and then I get an odd 
page and my info doesn't make it through.  I called them and they supposedly 
reported it but it hasn't been fixed yet.
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>> Re-sending this as I'm unclear if it made it to the list serve.  I 
>> apologize if this is a repeat...smile
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>> Hi All
>> For anyone using the Safeway on line shopping web site and using the 
>> accessible version of their home delivery service.
>> While the web site appears to be very usable and is easy to navigate, and 
>> works very well....there are some critical missing elements that people 
>> using the inaccessible version (or the version most on line shoppers are 
>> using) enjoy.
>> One that I would like to encourage some conversation and perhaps action 
>> is the following:
>> On the public site ...a user can click on a link called more info 
>> (located beside each listed product)
>> on this link the user would find:
>> 1.  Any Safeway purchase options including price using Safeway card and 
>> if there is a sale/coupon etc.- on this product
>> 2.  The list stating the nutritional information
>> 3.  A list of all the ingredients including % of sodium, fat etc. 
>> calories
>> 4.  Cooking directions both microwave and stove
>> 5.  Other product information on the product producer and other recipes 
>> etc.
>> When I click on this link from the public site ...it was all very 
>> readable.
>> This more info link is not available on the accessible version and 
>> therefore all the interesting and important information I  mentioned 
>> above is also not available to blind and low vision shoppers.  Doesn't 
>> seem right to me.
>> The action Safeway should take is to simply add this link "for mor info" 
>> to their table list beside each product for access users.
>> You can certainly see the advantage of being able to read the labels of 
>> products as well as easy access to cooking directions and recipes.
>> Calling Safeway and asking for this link and information to be part of 
>> the accessible version of their web site ...seems very reasonable.
>> The advantage to them is that more blind and low vision customers will 
>> want to use their site as it makes the entire product accessible.
>> From their web site /contact us page:
>> In the U.S. Retail Store or Corporate offerings, call us toll-free: 
>> 1-877-723-3929
>> or
>> Safeway offers its customers with disabilities an equal opportunity to 
>> use all Safeway services. If you are a disabled customer encountering 
>> issues with any of our services please contact us at 1-877-723-3929.
>> Food for thought.
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