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Mon Oct 17 10:48:50 CDT 2011

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From: Mike Freeman <k7uij at panix.com>
Date: Monday, Oct 17, 2011 08:04:14
Subject: Resolutions Committee

 I am appointing the following individuals to the 2011 NFB of Washington Convention Resolutions Committee: Marci Carpenter, Chair; Michael Mello, Gary Mackenstadt, Maria Bradford, Bennett Prows, Donald Mitchell. The Resolutions Committee will meet on Friday afternoon following the NFB of Washington Board of Directors meeting or at 4:30 p.m., whichever is later.
 Please send proposed resolutions to Marci at mjc59 at q.com or bring them with you in more-or-less final form Friday. If you need help crafting resolutions, ask your chapter president or one of the "old hands" at writing resolutions such as Ben Prows, Gary Mackenstadt, Noel Nightingale or me for assistance. I'll also endeavor to find an artical I remember about writing resolutions and post it to the list. If anyone else finds it before I do, please feel free to post it.
 Resolutions set the policy for the affiliate during the year so they are important.
 Mike Freeman, President
 NFB of Washington

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