[Nfbwv-talk] iPhone Volume

Smyth, Charlene R Charlene.R.Smyth at wv.gov
Wed Nov 27 14:42:47 UTC 2013

I got this from another list and I am assuming it is for those who have
IOS7 as I have never had this problem.  




This message is for Iphone users. Some of you may already be aware 
of this issue.
Before I say this, I want all Iphone users to understand that they 
should not, I repeat, should not turn the volume on their Iphones to 
or below the 35% level. Do not do it.
There is a bug which will not allow you to turn the volume back up 
higher than 35% once it has been turned below that point.
Apple Accessibility says they hope to have a fix soon and it will be 
released in the form of a software update.

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