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Smyth, Charlene R Charlene.R.Smyth at wv.gov
Tue Mar 11 13:33:56 UTC 2014

Here is information I got from another list that I thought some of you
might be interested in reading.




iOS 7.1 is now available for download via Over-the-Air Update and


Since November of last year, members of the AppleVis Editorial Team have
been busy testing iOS 7.1 in all stages of the beta process. Beginning
with Beta 3, two of our team ran the betas on their primary devices and
found it to be a very enjoyable experience that only got better as the
beta cycle continued


While no software from any manufacturer is ever bug-free, we were
impressed with the number of VoiceOver bug fixes in iOS 7.1 and applaud
the Apple Accessibility team for a job well done.


We have just posted a list to the AppleVis website of the new
accessibility features and accessibility improvements that we are aware
of in iOS 7.1. As always, it is entirely possible that we have
overlooked something. So, if you notice any other changes or have a
question about something we did not cover, please do post a comment.


Here is the link to our post of accessibility fixes, changes and bugs in
iOS 7.1:


The AppleVis Editorial Team

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