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Wed Sep 23 22:48:22 UTC 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I am sure most of you know by now that our president, Charlene Smyth, celebrated her birthday on Saturday, seated in a wheel chair, surrounded by her Federation family.

Her fall occurred Friday afternoon in a hotel meeting room, following the meeting of the Braille Literacy Division. A few hours later she returned from the emergency room with a stabilizing wrap on her left leg, and she spent the remainder of the weekend on wheels.

With a wireless microphone and a little help from her friends, she chaired the convention in fine style. She took part in all of the evening activities, and we all enjoyed birthday cake with her at the banquet.

On Monday she had a follow-up visit with her doctor and learned that the fracture of the bone in her leg extends up into the knee joint. She was fitted with a brace which will immobilize the leg but will allow for a gradual increase in range of motion as the injury heals. Her estimated recovery time is two to three months.

At this time she is at home in her Bridgeport apartment, where she says she is able to move about in her wheel chair. I understand that she is getting some help to reorganize her surroundings a bit, in order to be as comfortable, mobile, and independent as possible. I am sure it is safe to assume that she will be doing as much NFB work as her strength and energy will allow.

She has asked me to remind you that you can reach her by cell phone at 304-841-1111, but not at her office phone number or e-mail address. If you want or need to communicate with her by e-mail, use her Federation address:

president at nfbwv.org

I am also sure that she will be posting to this list with updates and details as soon as it is convenient to get to her computer.

Meanwhile, we all wish her a quick and complete recovery. She will be in our thoughts and prayers, and we all need to do whatever we can to build on the success and continue the momentum we experienced during our convention.



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