[Nfbwv-talk] Tonight's Sidetracks

Peter Donahue pdonahue2 at satx.rr.com
Mon Dec 5 02:30:21 UTC 2016

Hello McDonnalds and NFBWV,

     Tonight Mary and I listened to this month's Mountain Streams 
edition of Sidetracks and loved it! It's the kind of uplifting holiday 
music that warms one up on a cold and rainy South Texas night. It sure 
would be nice if our radio stations and cable music services played more 
music like what's hfeatured on programs like Sidetracks, Mountain 
Stages, Simply Folk, and The Thistle and Shamrock as well as the many 
classical music holiday specials heard at this time of the year.

     Ed and Karen we've seen you at many national conventions but never 
knew you hosted and managed a public radio show. Great work! Karen you 
have a beautiful voice! In addition to the two versions of "Brightest 
and Best/Star in the East" we have a version performed by Cantus during 
their annual MPR concert they broadcast each year. This rendition which 
they called "Star in the East" was featured during their 2014 holiday 

     The cantata songs featured by Roger and Debby were beautiful and 
are the kind of songs our church choir and praise and worship team at 
Cornerstone Church would perform. Ed glad to know that us and a school 
friend of mine aren't the only ones who like old Christmas songs. My 
friend Sam has Christmas music going all the way back to the 1890s. 
We're talking about songs recorded on wax cylinders.

     Due to the constant flow of activity you really don't get much of a 
peak into the lives of individual federationists. Hearing tonight's 
Sidetracks episode allowed us to know a little more about the McDonalds. 
We also didn't know that the Williamsons were accomplished singers 
either. You guys in WV are blessed to have them as members. Now back to 
your regularly scheduled program.

Peter Donahue who along with wife Mary want to wish everyone a happy and 
blessed holiday season.

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