[Nmabs] NMABS Minutes from July 5, 2009

NMABS President nmabs.president at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 05:46:28 UTC 2009

New Mexico Association of Blind Students Meeting July 5, 2009
Meeting Called to order at 7:04 PM

Roll call of Members
Tara Sena
Chris Chavez
Monica Martinez
Francine Garcia
Terese Garcia
Britannie Burden
Amanda Youngblood
Michael Postlethwait
Billy Casson
Guests: No guests

Michael motioned that minutes be approved.  Monica seconded.  Motion
passed.  Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer's Report
We currently do not have a statement from the bank.

State and National Events
National Convention is currently going on in Detroit Michigan
Local Events
NFB Albuquerque Chapter Meeting July 21 at 6:00 at Shonies
West Mesa Meeting on 7/11
State Events: no current events

Unfinished Business

Tara will contact Christine about the T-shirts and the NMABS bank
account when she gets back from National Convention.
The NMABS.ORG website has not been updated because William has been
away for several weeks.  We are still in the process of transferring
the site to godaddy.com.
The POBC Horseback Riding event will be held on August 1 from
10:00-3:00 in Edgewood
We still need to find out about transportation. Update: Monica talked
to Claudia and was told that we will be taking a bus to Edgewood
thanks to Ray Marshall, but we will be getting more specific details
regarding this soon.

New Business

Fundraising: We are considering selling keychains, in addition to the
shirts, to raise money. We found some Braille keychains at
braillebookstore.com, and they are $4.95 a piece. They say things like
Love, Faith, and Jesus. Update: braillebookstore.com also has a
variety of other items that we could look into, several of which are
cheaper and more customizable than the keychains. Some options include
wristbands, bookmarks, and refrigerator magnets.
If we are able to have an event at the balloon fiesta, it would be a
great opportunity to spread the word about the NFB.  We were also
thinking of going down to Roswell during Meet the Blind Month in
Francine told us that she only got a recording when she called the
State Fair grounds, so Tara will do some investigating about this.
The presidential release will begin next month.  Tara plans to call
the national center and order presidential releases starting in
Tara asked Francine to write an article before Que Pasa comes out.
She said that she will think about it.
The e-mail address for the NMABS mailing list is nmabs at nfb.net. If you
send any e-mail to it, your message will be sent to all subscribers of
the list, so be sure to subscribe!
To subscribe to the NMABS mailing list, please go to:
Please subscribe so Tara is not having to send the same person or
people the email multiple times. Thank you all.
September 25 through October 5 is the Roswell County Fair. We are
considering going to Roswell for this event as part of out reach and
meet the blind month.
Tara was thinking about getting someone to let us rent a van so that
we could go down to Roswell and any other part of the state requiring
transportation, so we would not have to worry about rides.  Monica
motioned that we do this.  Amanda seconded.  Motion passed.
We were thinking about posting our NMABS group to MySpace, and
Twitter, in addition to Facebook.  Billy motioned that the group be
expanded to MySpace.  Michael seconded.  Motion passed.
Billy Casson let us know about the meeting that was held in Detroit.
Billy requested that somebody read the constitution and be prepared to
answer any questions about it. Terese volunteered to do this. Tara is
going to ask Christine about this idea to make sure that this as well
as giving out the constitution is allowed.
Our next meeting will be August 2 at 7:00 PM.
Birthdays in July: Terese and Amanda
Billy moved to adjourn the meeting.  Britannie seconded.  Motion passed.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM

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