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Hello all,
Please let me know what your thoughts are on the idea lited in the
following message. I need to know ASAP! so I can call and get more
information and if we are in agreement, then to let them know we will
be available to help out. It sounds awesome to me, personally, but i'm
not everyone.
If you don't make your voice known, I won't know how to proceed. For
those of you outside of the Albuquerque area, I apologize for not
including you in what we are doing, if you can think of ideas for us
to visit you in your parts of the state lease let me know so we can
work something out.
Thank you,

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Join me

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Hi ladies,
Don't know if the students need/want a community service project, but
here's one if you're interested. Sounds like they will be stuffing
before the 25th. I don't know any more than what is written.
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From: Chavez, Rigo F
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Subject: Announcements: B'pack Stuffers Needed

Volunteers Sought to Help Stuff Backpacks with School Supplies: The
APs Schools & Community Partnerships Department is seeking help
stuffing backpacks for the annual school supply giveaway July 25 at
the UNM Football Stadium. If interested, call Patsy Johnson at
855-5270 or e-mail her at Johnson_p at aps.edu.

Rigo Chavez, director
Albuquerque Public Schools
(505) 881-8421, ext. 2
(505) 872-8864 (fax)

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