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Thu Oct 22 17:42:05 UTC 2009

New Mexico Association of Blind Students Minutes for 10-18 Meeting
Meeting Called to order at 7:01 PM
Chris Chavez
Tara Sena
David Abraham
Billy Casson
Terese Garcia
Britannie Burden
Amanda Youngblood
Brianne Kotschwar
Monica Martinez
There were no Guests This Month
Monica moved that the minutes from last month's meeting be approved.
David seconded. Motion passed.
Treasurer's Report
Starting balance was $1602.96. No deposits, withdrawal of $171 for the
web site. There was a withdrawal of $2.50, and another withdrawal 13
cents. Ending balance was $1428.66. Billy moved that the treasurer's
report be approved, Monica seconded. Motion passed.
There are currently no new announcements.
We have talked about ordering T-shirts with a text message translation
of "Too Good To be Forgotten" (2g2b4g) on the front of the shirt, and
the Louis Braille Coin on the back of it, which would include the
dates that he lived. We were also thinking of having the NFB symbol on
it. It would be put on the shoulder of the shirt. The shirt would be a
primary blue with the writing light silver or gray. We will discuss
this further to see if the manufacturer has any more suggestions. We
were thinking of just finding a manufacturer here in this state,
rather than ordering the T-shirts from out of state, but further
discussion will be needed over this. Tara will go to Coronado Mall
tomorrow and see if the manufacturer there will be able to meet our
Benefit Night
Things are going very well in Roswell. There are 3 restaurants that
are going to be donating for this organization.
Tara contacted 2 restaurants, including Fuddruckers and Chili's. We
were also thinking of doing a Benefit Night at Frontier and Macaroni
Tara ordered the Louis Braille coins, and 1 was already sold.
Community Service
Monica told us about an elementary school called Governor Bent which
needs donations of calculators and other school supplies as well as
clothes for some of it’s children. We were thinking of donating
clothes as well as calculators, money, etc. David moved that we put
$160 into buying calculators and other things, and Britannie seconded.
Motion passed.
Scuba Diving
We agreed that we were going to do this Scuba diving class on November 21.
The Web Site
The Web site construction has been going well. Chris is taking some
suggestions on what to put up on to the site.
Terese will send out the presidential release by e-mail.
As of last week, Francine is no longer on our board. She has decided
to step down.
The October 2 Disability Awareness Day at UNM was a big success.
Thanks to Chris, Amanda, and Michael for helping out.
Terese shared her experience at a Softball game with her ROTC team,
and she indicated that it was a big success. She had the opportunity
"to play with a ball without any beepers on it. Fortunately, her team
won the game.
The Adult Braille Readers are Leaders Contest is taking place from
Nov. 1 through January 4. You can register at www.nfb.org/bral.
The next meeting will be held on Nov. 15 at 7:00.
David motioned to adjourn the meeting, and Brianne seconded.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:25 PM

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