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Hi all,
Please let me know your thoughts. I have asked Ken to be our guest
speaker at the November meeting so we can learn more about and figure
out how to go about the fund raiser mentioned in the message below.
Please let me know your thoughts ASAP.
Have a good weekend,

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Subject: FW: fundraiser with art mugs
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Join me

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> Subject: fundraiser with art mugs
> Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 21:39:32 -0600
> Hi Tara,
> My friend Hermelinda suggested that I get in touch with you and tell
> you a little bit about my photographic art mugs. I'm Ken Pierce and
> I've lived in New Mexico for 35 years, and recently developed a new
> product utilizing my photography.
> One of my favorite photo mugs is Whispering Clouds. It's a scene going
> up Tramway towards the mountains, and there are high wispy clouds
> coming up from behind the mountains and go quite a bit in front of the
> mountains, but high in the sky. It is one of those photos that is so
> pleasant and relaxing. Another one that was taken just south of
> there is Moon Tower - a scene of the full moon rising right behind the
> tram tower. Truly spectacular on a mug - the moon is huge!
> On an average spring afternoon about a year and a half ago I was
> walking around with my camera when I saw a Roadrunner on top of a fire
> hydrant. I was so excited but I tried to stay calm as I slowly walked
> up to him. He stayed there for 5 minutes as I took a series of photos.
> At the very end he opened his mouth really big (I think it was a
> yawn), and then he hopped down and scurried away. That picture is very
> cool because I can add short words or phrases in the print shop
> program, and it looks like he's talking. On one of my favorite mugs
> he's saying Wake Up!!! on one side of the mug, and Amigo!!! on the
> other side.
> These are new, but I have done some test marketing at work, and they
> have sold well for me. Perhaps they will for you too.
> They are priced at $10, and I can offer you a 25% commission for your
> organization.
> I would be happy to meet with you or a committee to discuss the
> possibility a fundraiser.
> My web site is coolphotopix.com or kenpiercephotography.com.
> Let me know your thoughts on this...thanks!
> Ken

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