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Hi all,
The message below concerns a scuba diving event with Cody Uncer's team
and program. They are interested in having about 4 blind students who
are interested in helping them work with us. The message explains it
better. Please let me know if you are interested and what your
thoughts are on the matter. I meant to bring this up last night at the
meeting, but... well we were already an hour and 50 minutes long so I
kind of forgot but here is the information.
Have a good week all,

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Hi Tara,

Codys scuba program has a military branch of Instructors we built to teach
adaptive scuba...We are used to taking high levels of paralysis from start
to finish training them all the way to open water. We also give intros and
demonstration to a variety of groups and rehab facilities. Codyfirststep.org

The reason I talked to the students was to see if they would be interested
in trying scuba with our team in a local pool, it requires about two hours
time start to finish and involves getting to try scuba equipment and
breathing underwater. There is a one page medical form required..The reason
I was offering is our team has not had much chance to work with the blind
and we are training for our course directorship and the man that started
adaptive diving in the 70's is going to be here...and I had asked him if we
could do a small intro with 4  blind students who were willing to help...We
do blind exercises,but it helps to work with people who live it and learn
directly from them. It was going to be on the 24th ..I don't know if there
is time to get the paper work together at this point, but if your group was
interested we would do everything to make it happen at this
training..Shelley 792-9551

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Hi Shelley,

This is Tara Sena. We were playing phone tag last week and I neglected to
call you back and for that I apologize. I wanted to get some information
from you about Scuba Diving and what the program entails so I can pass the
information on to the other students in the organization.

Please send me this information before the 20th because that is when we have
our next meeting. Is there a cost? What dates and times would we meet to
participate in the program? Plus any other information you would like to
give me.

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you,

Tara Sena

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