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New Mexico Association of Blind Students Minutes 7/18/2010

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM.

ROLL call

David Abraham

Amanda Youngblood

Michael Postlethwait

Chris Chavez

Tara Sena

Brianne Kotschwar

Monica Martinez

Introduction of Guests: there were no guests.

Minutes from previous meeting: The minutes will be sent as soon as Tara
receives and looks over them.

Treasurer's report: Balance is $767.21 as of 6/08, on 7/08, we have a
balance of $764.53 tomorrow; Tara will make a deposit of $37.

The deposit was made earlier this week.

Brianne moved, Michael seconded motion caries, treasurer's report approved.

Beginning of August going to cliffs for our monthly activity.

Pricing at cliffs is $24.95 for the ride pass.

Friday August 6th at two o'clock then dinner afterward.

Bowling, everyone is interested---Thursday, Friday or Saturday evenings.

We are still selling the T-shirts and mugs.

We listened to the Presidential Release.

Dr. Mark Maurer mentioned national convention and the Race for Independence.

Convention 2011 will be in Orlando Florida 2012 in Dallas.

Gary Wunder will be the editor of the Braille Monitor.

Dr. Tim Curtis, a blind physician, was at the convention.

Vote forthe Youth Slam grant in the month of August. Use www.nfb.org to vote
for the 2011 NFB youth slam. Also, you can text 101913 to Pepsi (73774) to
cast your vote each day. If you have questions about this call Marc Ricabono
410-659-9314 extension 2368 nfb headquarters.

There will be a summer science Academy in late July early August.

David moved, Michael seconded, meeting adjourned at 7:48 PM.



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