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Hello all,

Thank you, Monica for your message. I agree with Monica that we work hard
for this organization and I'd like it to stay strong. Not just one or two
people can carry the load for the organization and I really need all of you
to participate in meetings, activities, etc. Please feel free to contact
Monica or I with questions. We understand being busy, but our meetings and
stuff is once a month therefore, there really shouldn't be any reason that
NONE of you can do your jobs. I will be sending each board member/officer
their job description and a duty I'd like to assign them if applicable for
their term. I would appreciate all of your hard work for this organization.
I'd like to discuss our sconstitution at our next meeting so please download
it from the nmavbs website. Go to: http://www.nmabs.org and click on "about
us" and you will find a link to the constitution as it is now. I'd like to
find some way to update it to make it fit the division as it is now.

Thank you all,

Tara, President

Nmabs.president at gmail.com, 505-328-3349 for questions



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Hello Monica does this mean since I was elected as a brd officer during the
seminar at state Covention back in April so please let me know what might be
onsider I would be willing to fulfill that duty if it was needed even though
Augest I would still be willing to be comitted to all meetinngs that would
be held and as always if I were ever to miss one for some extreem reason I
would let either yourself or tara by phone.

On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 12:04 PM, Monica Martinez <mmjackson469 at gmail.com>

Hey everyone, 
I just wanted to write a quick note about NMABS.  Two  of our board members
have not stepped up to the plate since elections and now a third and fourth
member of the board/officer positions are being quesitoned.  I want to make
this absolutely clear.  If you ran for a a board postion/officer position,
then you are abided to stick to it.  You cannot just quit anytime you don't
feel "like doing it."  I'm so tired of people quitting the last few years,
not taking NMABS seriously. I built NMABS from the ground up and I will not
have some people decide they don't have time for it anymore, or just slide
on by without doing anything for the organization.  If you are an officer/
board member, then you are not new to NMABS.  If you're not interested, then
you shouldn't have run for office.  I'm not trying to be mean but this is
the truth and I am NOT going to stand behind and watch NMABS die again.  So
please grow up and decide whether you want to be a part of this organization
or not.  There were others that would have given anything to be a part of
the organization but because of popularity vote or whatever, you had more
votes.  You need to be an adult and decide if you're going to do your duty
or not.  
Monica, Vice President 
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