[Nmabs] Agenda Template: please reply.

NMABS President nmabs.president at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 15:48:13 UTC 2011

Good Morning All,

I am writing to let you know that the agenda from our last student seminar
is attached. It is a template for the agenda which we are in the process of
forming for our upcoming seminar at State Convention. Please email me ideas
and/or bring your ideas to the meeting tonight at 7:00. I would like to
suggest that we ask our national Rep, Jim Gashall, to speak at our student
meeting. Also, we need to figure out if anyone is stepping down from the
board and we would need to reelect for that position, please email me this
information. I am curious because I have heard rumors that at least one or
two of you are not happy with the way I have been running things and also
that you have been wanting to stepdown for a while, if this is not true,
please clear this up. Our constitution states that our terms on the board
are two years as of last year's convention. I'd really like to keep that as
the case. Please bare in mind the agenda attached to this email is for an
all day seminar, however our time slot is about 3 hours on Friday April 8.
Please let me know if there are questions/concerns/comments. I appreciate
all of you. For a reminder, the board is made up of: Tara, Monica, Terese,
David, Amanda, Shawndell, and Michael.

Also, I'd like to do another registration form similar to the one we had for
the student seminar in November, we would collect dues from everyone accept
Taviana, Adriana, and Lindsay since they became members at the seminar.

Any questions please email me back.



PS. Please let me know if you will not be able to make the meeting well
before the time so I know who to expect there. If you are unable to let me
know, that is ok, but please try.


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