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Subject: FW: requesting stories of experiences as blind students, good and

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Subject: requesting stories of experiences as blind students, good and bad

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>The President of the NFB of Nebraska is asking for assistance with an 
>education project.

David Andrews

>Greetings Friends:
>Karen Lemmon, a long-time teacher and current president of our 
>Panhandle Chapter here in Nebraska asks for your help with the below 
>Thanks in advance for any help.
>Amy Buresh, President, NFBN
>The GOOD and the BAD
>I am looking for information and stories of personal experiences of 
>blind individuals who
>have   been through, or are currently involved 
>in our K-12 classrooms as a blind  or low visioned student. All of us 
>have stories to tell and I am asking now that you report instances in 
>your education that made a positive difference for you in your learning 
>experience. I also want to know the negative experiences you had as a 
>blind student, or in other words, what did not work for you. You do not 
>need to pass on names of instructors or the name of the school, unless 
>of course you would like them to receive some positive mention. I would 
>be appreciative if you would just submit to me two lists of what was 
>good and what was bad.  I did not go through our system of education as 
>a blind student, as a matter of fact I taught school for 18 years in a 
>system that had no plan  to create the opportunity for blind and low 
>visioned students to stay in the classroom and learn along side the 
>sighted students. The information I receive from you will be very 
>helpful in discussions in a college level class offered at Chadron 
>State College titled 'Resources for teaching blind Individuals. (EDU 
>270).  Below is an example of some of the things that  have been 
>compiled this
>research: Information will be confidential and may be sent to me
>Please email to: <mailto:klemmon at bbcwb.net>klemmon at bbcwb.net
>or mail to my address at: Karen Lemmon
>                                             104 Lemmon Road
>                                             Whitney, NE 69367 My 
>telephone number is 308-667-2054.
>GOOD                         __
>1. Examples of rocks and soils were labeled by my science teacher in 
>braille so that when the samples were passed around the room I was able 
>to feel what the rock or soil felt like and to identify it by name as 
>it was passed around the room.
>2. A music teacher recorded my part on a cassette so that I could learn 
>1. I had a teacher's aide assigned to me and she did most of the work 
>for me which seemed pretty cool at the time, but as a result I know I 
>missed out on a lot.
>2. I used magnification for everything but as my eyes got progressively 
>worse I found myself unable to read as I was never taught braille.
>Please take part in this as it is very important that we can relay this 
>information to our future teachers and we now have an outlet to do that 
>at Chadron State College. since our work here is in progress, I would 
>appreciate an immediate response.
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