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The February Minutes are below. Please read so we can approve them tonight
at our meeting.

Thank you,



New Mexico Association of Blind Students February 2011 Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:04 Pm.

Roll Call:

Brianne Kotchwar

Tara Chavez

Michael Postlethwait

Lindsay Sloan

Christopher Chavez

Monica Martinez

Terese Garcia

Amanda Youngblood

Josh Brownell


Treasurer's Report:

We currently have a balance of $808.00 and expect a couple of deposits into
the account soon.

Brianne motioned that the treasurer's report be approved, Chris seconded the
motion, the motion carried.


Minutes from January's Meeting

Tara found the minutes for this meeting just before the current meeting so
both will be sent out upon editing. We will approve both January and
February meeting minutes at the March meeting.

A draft agenda has been started for the 2011 State Convention.


Announcements for February:

The Albuquerque Chapter is heading down to the Rescue Mission at 1:30 on
Sunday March 13 to pass out sack lunches that will be prepared beforehand.


Vickie sent out the state scholarship information.

The deadline for the state scholarship is April 2, 2011.

The deadline for the National Scholarship is March 31, 2011.

Unifinished business:


At the last month's meeting, it was mentioned that we had sold two mugs, two
mug prints, and two t-shirts for a total of $55.00


Benefit Nights:

Flying Star is willing to do a benefit night. A minimum of 50 people must
come to the restaurant in order for it to count. Further information will be
given later.

New business

A Game Day is being planned as a student activity. We decided that the game
day should take place at UNM between 1:00 or 1:30 on Saturday, March 5,
2011. Also, we might get together to see Music Man, which will be showing at
Popejoy in the evening.


Amanda, Michael, Terese, and Amanda are all on the agenda for the Student
Seminar at State Convention. UNM's accessibility resource Center will be
contacted so that someone can come and talk about resources for students.

Terese Garcia will be the mistress of ceremonies at this year's student
luncheon at state convention.

We decided to ask college professors to come and speak about how they taught
visually impaired students. Terese and Monica will talk to present and past
professors to see if any of them would like to come speak at the seminar.
Tara will also ask a former professor as well. Michael brought up the idea
about having the archeology portion in this year's seminar like we did last
year.  Tara will email Cheryl and see if she is available. Monica also wants
to talk to Career Services and see if someone would like to come speak about
building resumes, how to do interviews, how to write cover letters, and how
to choose a major. We are planning to do a meet and greet like we did at
last year's state convention. This year's seminar will be held from 1:30 to
4:30 and dues will be collected as well. New members from our seminar in
November do not have to pay dues, but the rest of us from last year do. Tara
will continue to write up the agenda and Michael will check with Special
Services at CNM to see if they can attend the student seminar.


Update on Goalball

Tara and Lindsay are setting up Goalball as a charter organization at UNM.
They will try to get the UNM students first, and then open it up to the rest
of the students.  If you are an UNM student, you can automatically join.


The next meeting will be held on March 20, 2011 at 7:00 PM.


If anyone is interested, the Albuquerque chapter is selling raffle tickets
for $1. The top prize is $100, and the second prize is $50.  The winners
will be announced at the state convention banquet.

Once Tara knows more information, she will send out another copy of the


Amanda will send Tara a summary of the presidential release.


Monica moved that the meeting be adjourned, Amanda seconded, .

Meeting is adjourned at 8:07 pm.



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