[nobe-l] record keeping programs

darrell walla dwalla at cox.net
Thu Dec 4 02:21:16 UTC 2008

I am teaching in a large public school setting.  I emailed many of you last year with an issue regarding the email program known as First Class.  I found the feedback I received to be very helpful.  Now I need advice again.

Next year we are starting a new record keeping program known as Infinite Campus.  It will have all records of the students on there, including grades, IEPs, etc.  As a Special Education teacher, I will be using these forms.  This gives me many concerns.  

1.  Has anyone used Infinite Campus with JAWS?  I know many schools are now using this program.  

2.  I don't want to be left out in the planning process.  When I started this current job three years ago, the district paid someone to modify the SASI modules, which is the program we use now, so that I could do some of the record keeping.  The rest of the programs were left for my para to work with.  She can best be described as incompetent.  There have been many problems, particularly with the IEP forms.  What can I do to make sure that I am up and ready to go with our new Infinite Campus program next fall just like any of the other teachers?  When we have training this spring, can I expect the company and the school district to have a computer with JAWS available so that I can go through the training?  

3.  Does the company that produces the Infinite Campus have to make this program accessible to me, or is it the responsibility of the school district?  

Please provide me with some ideas.  I am excited to use the program if it will allow independence in most areas.  My hope is to spend my last ten years or so of teaching with a system that I can use, only having to do updates just as anyone else does.  Thanks for listening.

Darrell Walla

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