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I liked Kathy N.'s post.  She expressed the same thoughts I have, but
didn't know how to put them into words.  I don't think I would teachin a
regular classroom without an aide.  I was placed into a class that
traditionally has two people doing the student teaching.  I'm sure this
was done partly so that the other person becomes  my assistant when it
was my turn to lead the kids.  Either I or the supervising teacher gave
directions for what was to be done.  When I was the lead teacher, I was
in charge.  I volunteered for almost two years in a special education
resource room.  That room already had an aide.  However, she was not a
very good one.  Many people in that building began to trust me with
those kids more than the aide whenever the teacher was absent.  If I'd
had my way, I'd be working in that classroom or in a similar one right
now.  I currently teach adults.  I enjoy the work, as I teaching them my
favorite subject.  As Kathy said, don't make hasty judgments.  You may
find yourself changing your mind after a little experience.  I'm off to
get ready for my first student of the day.


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