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at the college level you also have to worry about ratings and levels of
success; but i think you're more than correct; that is, if they're (the
students) treated like professionals already working in their chosen fields,
then that can be reflected in the syllabus; all the things professionals
have to do: multi-tasking, instant responses, ready to change in an instant,
and collegiality, plus doing the job.
The days of the pacing lecturer are long in the plast, and actually, that's
a good thing for blind educators, who can ask so many things of the engaged
student: moodling, and bloging can all be a part of it.

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Actually, accommodations can be part of the conversation after a conditional
job offer. Also, if you plan to get hired, I'd suggest bringing up how you
will do the job during your interview. Your sighted interviewer will often
just make assumptions. They may not ask you about how you will do the job,
but will just assume you can't. While you don't want to overly focus on your
blindness, you do want to share ways you will keep an eye on the class.

Also, I've appreciated some of these ideas as I'm getting ready to teach my
college-level Disability and Society course during January. While we won't
be sitting on colored rugs on the floor, I appreciate the reminders of ways
to keep students engaged, rather than sending messages over their cell
phones, etc. If anyone who teaches college has tips, I'd love to hear them.
Part of me thinks if the college student wants to waste their time and money
by not attending, that's their problem. On the other hand, if students are
not attending, it does reflect poorly on the instructor and can affect the
tone of the entire classroom.

Kathy McGillivray
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> ?Brandy you dont mention an aid until after you are hired. You should not
> discuss accomidations at all until after hired it is illegal for them to
> evne ask you about them.> From: branlw at sbcglobal.net> To:
> nobe-l at nfbnet.org> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 19:06:24 -0500> Subject: Re:
> [nobe-l] Hello and question> > Hi, Ok so you say that you can get an aid.
> Think about the highering process > you and 10 other people apply for a
> job. you are all new to the field and > have equal qualifications, but you
> need an aid just who are they going to > higher? I have worked in a
> variety of grades from Preschool to grade 5. I > will share some things
> that have worked for me, but I hope some of the more > seasoned teachers
> will share.> > First get to know your students. Know their names, voices,
> where they sit, > who they hang out with etcetera. Then establish a
> routeen, and high > expectations. Even my 5 year-olds have learned when
> they join my center they > say John is here, or when they want to talk
> they say their name out loud. > Its just a different way of doing things,
> but it can work. I also have > assigned places for them on the carpet, and
> I have them in color groups so > when I desmiss them to things I say red
> group and I know who is moving about > the room. I keep the kids busy and
> ingaged. An engaged busy child is much > less likely to cause problems.
> This leaves you with the last few children > who you may need to keep an
> extra eye on.> > Hope this helps,> > Bran > > >
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