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so why hasn't the geniuses up at HQ put allot of thought in to this  
and maybe put a million or two that they stole from target and use it  
towards a tv show shown on like cbs or something and use it as a  
public relations/education tool on a large scale?
Gabe Vega
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On Mar 8, 2009, at 8:02 PM, Robert Newman wrote:

RE:  The Virtual Blindness Challenge: The Reality Show

Here is my 143rd THOUGHT PROVOKER. It is a reality show. Fully sighted
contestants agree to forgo their sight and learn blindness skills.  
There are
challenges, winners and losers. Have a read and tell us what you  
think; is
there value in this shows concept? If you have not read the PROVOKER, it
follows.  Recall that I collect responses and post them upon my web  
site for
all the WWW to read and learn from and that URL is-
Http://thoughtprovoker.info <http://thoughtprovoker.info/>   If you  
wish to
receive THOUGHT PROVOKERS sent directly to you, just write me and ask,  
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The Virtual Blindness Challenge:
The Reality Show

"Welcome to The Virtual Blindness Challenge: The Reality Show!  (On  
screen a
tall dark-haired man stands, long white cane in one hand, cordless
microphone in the other.) This is Final Challenge Day of week four, the
final test. In today's challenge our remaining two students will have  
final faceoff. The one to successfully complete their challenge  
first will win the grand prize of $10,000. Will it be Patty Hartman,
twenty-six-years old, a single mother, and unemployed?" (The screen  
shows a
petit blonde woman with a black sleepshade strapped snuggly over her  
and upper face. She stands smiling; a long white cane as tall as she  
easily at her side.)

The MC steps around to the second student. "Or will it be Simon Brown,  
married, a recent veteran of the Iraq War, soon to enter college." (The
screen fills with a well-built young man with a dark, suntanned, skin  
standing at military ease, a long white cane as tall as his eyebrows  
in the
crook of an elbow.  His facial expression below the black of the  
shows the nonchalance of confidence.)

"But before we show highlights of Patty's and Simon's progress to date,
allow me to set the stage.  Twenty-eight days ago twelve fully sighted
participants began the Virtual Blindness Challenge. All agreed to wear
sleepshades, were given the same tools, and taught the same blindness
skill-sets. Ten have been eliminated. The judging is simple--if you  
excel, you are cut. This challenge is to find the best."

"Let us take a quick review of Patty's journey in virtual blindness from
that first day, up to this Final Challenge."

The first scene: Patty is pulling on her sleepshade, a look on her  
face that
may have said, "I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into, but I'm
committed, I doing this!" Second: the first cane travel lesson; a  
step, uncoordinated probing and swinging of the cane. Third: learning
Braille; writing with a Braille slate and stylus; fingers reading a  
Braille magazine. Fourth: pouring water from a large pitcher into a  
glass; Fifth: frosting a cake. Sixth: threading a needle with a wire- 
needle threader; using a sewing machine. Seventh: seated at a  
computer, the
screen showing what she is typing and a synthesized voice enunciating  
she keys in. "Blindness is doable." Eighth: drilling a board with an
electric hand drill.

The MC extends the microphone toward her. "Patty, how are you feeling  
your blindness skills?  Ready for this Final Challenge?"

"You bet, Ross, I'm very ready. Just in the past week my ability to  
on echo location has come in strong and now on travel, I can fly!"

"Now here is Simon's journey in virtual blindness."

First scene: Simon, face showing quiet self-confidence slips his  
down over his eyes. Second: cane held steady in his strong grip, he  
a staircase. Third: inserting a sheet of paper into a Braille slate;  
a Braille label on a can of soup. Fourth: checking meat on a hot  
grill. Fifth: threading a self-threading needle; hand-sewing a button  
onto a
man's shirt. Sixth: keying into a laptop, its screen showing a familiar
logo, and from the speakers we hear, "Google." Seventh: Cutting with a
circular saw; sanding a newly built picnic table.

"Simon, how are you doing? Up for the final cut; ready to take the grand
prize home?"

"Yes, sir.  That's affirmative.  And Ross, you once compared this  
to military boot camp. I would say, yes, in that both are a form of
preparation, of training the mind, and training muscle memory. But the  
is different; war can kill you, blindness will not. Life goes on and you
just use alternative methods to be successful."

The camera focuses on the MC handing each of them a Brailled sheet.  
the day has just begun, you two have much to do. Here are your last
challenge instructions. Read your challenge and do your best!  We'll be
waiting here at the finish line with the grand prizes-winner takes  
all! And
the clock starts now!"

The camera zooms to both contestants, seated, intense faces, fingers  
their instructions.

The camera follows as both contestants walk down the front steps. Simon
turns right, long strides carrying him swiftly south. Patty turns left,
north, her shorter stride quickening, moving into a trot, cane  
flashing in
the early morning sun, she begins to run.

Robert Leslie Newman
Email- newmanrl at cox.net

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