[nobe-l] Can Anyone Help With Problems Using Blackboard 8 with JAWS for Teaching?

Kathy McGillivray kjm at usfamily.net
Fri Nov 20 01:44:44 UTC 2009

Hello. I know this is a bit technical for this list, so those who respond could feel free to write me off-list at kjm at usfamily.net if they wish.

I am going to begin teaching my course, Disability and Society, again at my university. This will be a January term course. The institution uses Blackboard 8. I had been able to use previous versions of Blackboard with a fair amount of success, albeit a bitclumsily. The main problem with version 8 seems to be the grade center. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this who would be able to give me some tips. Thanks in advance for any help. If you reply off-list, we can exchange phone numbers and talk in more detail. Thanks much.

Kathy McGillivray

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