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Hi Hope,

I think that whether you are teaching blind or sighted students,  you would 
assess them in the same way.  As a blind teacher, you and I will use 
alternative techniques to do things.  For example, I have to teach 
preschoolers on Wednesday.  My teacher is requiring me to develop an 
assessment for the students.  I am going to teach them all about the letter 
b including words that begin with b.  To assess them, I have to have them 
circle a picture or whatever I choose.  I plan to do something creative  for 
this.  I am putting velcro on a  giant letter b I am constructing out of 
poster board.   I will use this poster board for the movement portion of the 
class.  The students will pick out a picture or something, (I am still 
planning), and I will have velcro on the board and on the back of the 
picture.  The student will be able to velcro the picture of the b word such 
as boat onto the board.  For the movement portion, the student will act out 
the action made by the picture.  So, if it is a picture of a balloon, they 
will pretend to float, or, if it is a picture of a bunny, they will pretend 
to be a bunny and hop up to the board.  I will use my ears to listen to how 
well the students perform along with other feedback in the classroom.  If 
necessary, I will ask questions to the students such as: "Tell me, how are 
you acting like a bunny?"  I can also gather info from my other classmates. 
And, I can touch the poster board to see if they were successful in placing 
the b word on it.  For the written assessment I must create, I am again 
cutting out my pictures such as balloons, butterflies and the like into the 
appropriate shape.  The student has to circle the shape.  I had an art 
class, and so I know that crayon can be felt.  I will, therefore, be able to 
feel which pictures the child has circled.  I might also put some on there 
for them to color, but we'll see.  Because this is an experience for school, 
I would not have time later to go over the students' work.  So, if the 
crayon can't be felt, I will ask my teacher, one of my classmates, or a 
student which picture he or she circled.  If I were in a classroom, I might 
also have a reader assist me with grading papers during times when the 
students weren't present.  I am going into language arts, and so I can also 
require students to hand in assignments via the computer or in a typed 
format so that it can be scanned.  I will want students to do some writing 
with a pen or pencil though as I believe it is vital for them to do this to 
improve spelling, grammar and so on.  I will list a link below that I 
believe leads to a website in which you can look at tons of assessment 
ideas.  I hope this is helpful.
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> Hi all. By the time this semester ends, I'm sure you'll be sick of my 
> questions. I'm trying to do an inquiry project for my University. I'm 
> required to write/research about something I wnt to gain more knowledge 
> about. I'm looking to gain more knowledge about assesment strategies (both 
> in creating and grading assessments). I research the Eric database, but 
> they didn't really have much info on blind teachers. Instead, they had 
> information on teaching blind students. Can someone give me some website 
> to check out, and possibly some tips you use in your classrooms? I will 
> cite you in my paper, if you don't mind.
> Thanks so much!!
> Hope
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