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Hello Peter. My name is Hope Paulos and I'm a student teacher of Spanish at 
a local high school, here in Maine. I have not found anything that I *can't* 
do as a teacher. For hand-written assignments, I have my mentor teacher  as 
a reader. When I become a certified teacher, I'll most likely have a hired 
reader or an ed-tech in the room. My biggest concern/problem at this point 
is classroom management. I've had several students take advantage of the 
fact taht my mentor teacher went out of the room several times for 10 
minutes at a time. Although I listened to the students, it's difficult at 
times to figure out what they were doing. The incident I'm referring to is 
someone putting glue in someone else's hair. I wouldn't be able to hear 
that.  What level are you thinking of teaching? I don't think you'll have 
any dfficulty. You could use a tactile map to work on geography with the 
students. I find this list very helpful, so if you have any questions I'm 
sure the people here will be willing to help.
Hope Paulos and guide dog, Beignet (pronounced Ben yay).

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Nobel members and contributers,

    My name is Peter, who is a sophomore in a major university. My
major is social science/history education for my under graduate
degree. I was wondering what you guys thought about that as a viable
major for a blind teacher and in general as teachers or students
yourself? There will be no minor because I’ve got a total of 73 hours
left to go and I think minors by and large are pointless. What are
some common challenges that blind teachers face in a public, private
or non-profit setting being a teacher in elementary, secondary or
post-secondary facility? Thanks for all of your post as long as they
are constructive.

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