[nobe-l] designing and creating a print/braill and tactile children's book.

Anita Adkins aadkins7 at verizon.net
Fri Sep 25 16:00:07 UTC 2009


I just love this sort of thing, and I love to read and write stories myself. 
Here is how I might go about such a thing.  First of all, you can get 
braille overlays that are clear so that the braille, print, and/or pictures 
will not clash.  I think the American Printing House for the Blind sells 
that sort of thing, but I have not checked.  Then, for the tactile part, you 
can be creative.  For example, you might use glue, string, or pipe cleaners 
to create a raised line.  For color detail, how about different textures. 
For example, maybe velcro could represent one color or could represent a 
body part such as an eye.  Maybe felt could represent the color red or a 
body part such as a tummy.  Maybe, silk could represent the sky, but again 
if it were a color it could be used more widely.  For example, let's say 
silk is the color yellow.  In one picture, it might be the sun.  The reader 
could know this because not only would it be round and placed in the 
appropriate place where one might find a sun, but you could have a guide for 
the book explaining what color each texture represented.  If enough of these 
books were done and the color scheme remained the same, eventually readers 
could just pick up a book that you created and feel cotton and know 
instantly that cotton meant white, for instance.  That would be pretty cool. 
You could also use other things such as real buttons to place on a shirt 
depending on what the story was about.  Just some ideas.  Hope you figure 
out something fabulous.  Anita
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> Hello all.
> I have a project for my diversity and the family class.  The project is to 
> design a children's book.  I am going to design a braille/print and 
> tactile book.  I was wondering how to go about this.  What materials would 
> be needed, etc etc.
> I have the story idea in mind.
> Melissa Green
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