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Have you had someone who, unasked by you, try and become your "keeper?" Do
we need that? If you have not read the PROVOKER, it follows.  Recall that I
collect responses and post them upon my web site for all the WWW to read and
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By Guest Author

David Lafleche


 Vito stopped when he noticed J.C. sitting at a desk near the stairwell.
"Hey, J.C.! Everybody's getting together for a pickup game at the ballpark.
Wanna come?"

 "No time," J.C. answered. "I need to stay here."

 "Hall Monitor?" Vito wondered. "What's up with that?"

 "You know the rumors," J.C. explained. "Some girls have complained about
guys hanging out too close to their locker room, fooling around. And right
now, Rhoda is in there with her friend Mandy. They can't see if some guy is
looking for trouble, so I'm pretty much on guard duty."

 "What, they can't spare a girl to do that?"

 "No, they're too busy. Besides, that's my sister in there, and I want to
make sure nobody hits up on her."

 Just then, Rhoda and Mandy came out of the locker room. Mandy had her dog,
Beartrap. Rhoda had her cane. But neither of them could have been prepared
for what happened next. As the girls entered the corridor, a string, unseen
to anyone, shot across. Having no time to react, Rhoda tripped over it,
sprawling on the floor. She was sore, but unharmed. Mandy and Beartrap
reacted angrily. Rhoda was confused. "What in the world was that?!" she

 Beartrap barked loudly, and pawed at a nearby door, apparently the source
of the string. "I'll tell you what it was!" J.C. growled as he opened the
door. "It was HIM!"

 Brian, a teammate of his on the baseball team, had been in the janitor's
closet, waiting for the right moment for his prank. J.C. grabbed him by the
collar, slamming him into the wall.

 "What do you think you're doing, you punk!" he shouted. "I knew you were
behind all those pranks, and now I've got proof!"

 "Oh, come on, J.C., lighten up!" Brian pleaded lamely. "I was just having a
little fun!"

 "You call that 'fun'? You could have killed her!"

 "Ah, she'll get over it. But I suppose this means I'm suspended from the
baseball team?"

 "Oh, more than you bargained for, punk! I'm going downtown and pressing
assault charges! I'll need you there, Rhoda. Mandy, do you want to come?"

 "I guess so," Rhoda replied. "But it will have to wait till school's over."

 "Dude, aren't you being a little harsh?" Vito asked.

 "No way," J.C. insisted. "To pull a stunt like that on a blind person,
especially my own sister, is the lowest of the low. This punk needs to get
the message." 

 Surprisingly, Mandy also took exception to this, though for her own
reasons. "Excuse me, Mister Laval, O hero of the defenseless! Who asked you?
Rhoda doesn't need your help! She can fight her own battles! Tell him,

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