[nobe-l] Organizing group of Blind Academics

James Fetter jfetter at nd.edu
Fri May 21 22:28:51 UTC 2010

Dear All,
I hope all of your semesters/school years have gone well. I am 
interested in organizing a group of graduate students who are planning 
to pursue academic careers and, if possible, professors or others with 
academic experience for trading ideas and advice concerning publishing, 
the job market, and all the other fun things that a career in the 
academy entails. As for myself, I am near completion of my Ph.D. in 
Political Science at Notre Dame and am in the process of going on the 
market. I noticed that relatively few of the people attending the Blind 
Educators meeting at convention had or were starting academic careers, 
so if you are or were in academia and would be interested in being part 
of a group that would discuss issues specific to our profession, please 
get in touch. I will be attending the convention in Dallas, so I will 
try to organize a get-together over drinks of all those who are interested.
All Best,

James Fetter
University of Notre Dame
Department of Political Science
217 O'Shaughnessy
Notre Dame, IN 46556
jfetter at nd.edu

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