[nobe-l] Transportation for Student Teaching

Misty K auroranebulosa at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 22 21:20:01 UTC 2010


This next academic year, I will be entering into a "transition to teaching"
program during which I will be student teaching. I was wondering how I, as a
student teacher, can arrange for transportation to my school, especially if it
is outside of my immediate community. My university's "transition to teaching"
program requires students to arrange for their own transportation. It has been
suggested that I ride with another student, but I am concerned about the
student's driving abilities and insurance issues. Is paratransit reliable in
terms of being on time and in the correct location? Is Voc Rehab at all
responsive to the idea of having someone hired to drive student teachers back
and forth to their schools? Any other possible ideas for arranging



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