[nobe-l] Transportation for Student Teaching

Anita Adkins aadkins7 at verizon.net
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One suggestion is for you to hire a driver.  However, I would consider 
having a student to drive you.   I am in my internship at this moment, and 
generally, I prefer going on my own so that I can leave and arrive without 
worrying about other people's time schedules.  However, I am riding with 
someone because, for this particular teach, we all have a partner.  She and 
I can discuss things on the way.  Also, schools have limited parking, and so 
our instructors recommended that many of us carpool.  As a result, even 
sighted students are riding with one another.  If you do not feel 
comfortable riding with someone because you feel unsafe when doing so, you 
certainly shouldn't do that.  But, it seems to me that most likely you would 
be fine doing that.  As far as Rehab paying, I know they did pay for a 
student near my area to travel from her home to college and home again, and 
so they may work with you on that.  However, remember that sighted people 
pay insurance, gas, and probably a car payment.  So paying a driver, if 
required, would be sort of similar to this kind of expense.  Sorry, I have 
no other sollutions, but I hope you are successful in working something out. 
I can certainly understand how stressful aranging transportation could be. 
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> Greetings.
> This next academic year, I will be entering into a "transition to 
> teaching"
> program during which I will be student teaching. I was wondering how I, as 
> a
> student teacher, can arrange for transportation to my school, especially 
> if it
> is outside of my immediate community. My university's "transition to 
> teaching"
> program requires students to arrange for their own transportation. It has 
> been
> suggested that I ride with another student, but I am concerned about the
> student's driving abilities and insurance issues. Is paratransit reliable 
> in
> terms of being on time and in the correct location? Is Voc Rehab at all
> responsive to the idea of having someone hired to drive student teachers 
> back
> and forth to their schools? Any other possible ideas for arranging
> transportation?
> Thanks.
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