[nobe-l] K sonar from BAT

Anita Adkins aadkins7 at verizon.net
Wed Oct 13 22:32:41 UTC 2010

Hello Everyone,

I am curious about the K sonar.  Has anyone used it, and is/was it beneficial for you?  I love the sound of the idea.  Recently, I had to teach a ten-minute lesson in Science about sound, and so I thought it would be neat if sound waves could be used to alert blind folks to obstacles by conceiving a device that could somehow detect sound waves and draw a picture of where sound was not occuring to avoid obstacles.  I decided to see if it had already been invented since if I could think of it, it probably had been conceived already.  It had, and as usual pertaining to assistive technology, it sounds expensive if New Zealand and US currency are equivalent.  Does anyone know of any US distributors of this product, and if so where?  Also, if you have one of these devices, where did you purchase from and was the supplier a reputable supplier.  Right now, I am just curious and wanting to learn more.  I would appreciate it if anyone with information or experience  on this is willing to share.  The link below is for one company where I found this device.
Also, this website gives different places to get the item
http://www.batforblind.co.nz/distributors.phpRemember, Jesus Loves You.

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