[nobe-l] K sonar from BAT

Jewel S. herekittykat2 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 02:07:49 UTC 2010

I am saving up for one. It is about $600 US. It is not the most
expensive AT (my embosser was in the range of the tens of thousands),
but it is not the cheapest either.

I have not actually seen one in person, but there is a video (or maybe
it's jsut audio...I don't know, since I can't see it) that is a
demonstration of the KSonar, and it is amazing. From listening to it,
I know that it would be very useful for myself who can use just a tad
of echolocation but not much (I can tell how big a room is and
sometimes where an object is, like a car or bush). I once asked my
boyfriend, "is that a mustang convertible?" He said it was and was a
bit perplexed that I knew that. I said I just'knew' and that is so. I
even knew it was a bright red convertible even though I wasn't clsoe
enough to see the colour. Gods, I love red mustang
convertibles...anywho! I contacted the British distributor and they
pointed to APH, who supposedly sells it, though I didn't see it on
their website and not gotten around to calling them to find out. You
might call them and ask, though.

On 10/13/10, Anita Adkins <aadkins7 at verizon.net> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am curious about the K sonar.  Has anyone used it, and is/was it
> beneficial for you?  I love the sound of the idea.  Recently, I had to teach
> a ten-minute lesson in Science about sound, and so I thought it would be
> neat if sound waves could be used to alert blind folks to obstacles by
> conceiving a device that could somehow detect sound waves and draw a picture
> of where sound was not occuring to avoid obstacles.  I decided to see if it
> had already been invented since if I could think of it, it probably had been
> conceived already.  It had, and as usual pertaining to assistive technology,
> it sounds expensive if New Zealand and US currency are equivalent.  Does
> anyone know of any US distributors of this product, and if so where?  Also,
> if you have one of these devices, where did you purchase from and was the
> supplier a reputable supplier.  Right now, I am just curious and wanting to
> learn more.  I would appreciate it if anyone with information or experience
> on this is willing to share.  The link below is for one company where I
> found this device.
> http://www.zabonne.com/?action=product&id=10458&category=10049
> Also, this website gives different places to get the item
> http://www.batforblind.co.nz/distributors.phpRemember, Jesus Loves You.
> Anita
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