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Marc Workman mworkman at ualberta.ca
Thu Sep 23 03:59:57 UTC 2010

Hi Sean,

I have a couple of random thoughts

Small group activities.  You can pair them up and have them work together on 
a short writing assignment.

You can also have them do individual writing assignments that are then 
presented to the rest of the class.

In my second language classes, even at the university level, we would do 
role playing and write and perform short skits, which, with the right group 
of people, could be a lot of fun.

You can split them up and have them debate an issue.

Whether any of these ideas will work largely depends on the actual content 
of the exercises as well as the people you are teaching, but these are a few 
things I've done in classes, both as student and as teacher.  I'll let you 
know if I think of anything else.


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> Hi everybody.
> I recently started volunteer tutoring a group of English learners (all
> sighted). I have a little experience tutoring one-on-one, but not group. 
> The
> sessions have been pretty unstructured so far, so I am looking for
> suggestions as to how to incorporate speaking, listening, vocabulary,
> reading, and writing into them. There are between four and seven in the
> group, depending on how many show up. They are all intermediate learners. 
> I
> only have two sessions a week with them, one hour each, so I want to make
> them as efficient as possible. Since all of the students say they use
> English most at school and at the store, I thought it would be a good idea
> to base my lessons on those places to start with. Any suggestions/advice
> will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
> Sean
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