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>April 2011 Book Club Selection
>Who Lives in an Alligator Hole?
>Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2
>By Anne Rockwell
>Print/braille edition, $5.99
>In contracted braille with one tactile drawing of an alligator
>Ages 4-8
>Of course, an alligator lives in an alligator hole. But did you know that
>scientists consider alligators a "keystone species," meaning they are the
>most important animals in their habitat? Without the alligator, many
>dependent animals would become extinct.
>After quickly tracing the ancestors and relatives of the alligator from the
>Jurassic period to the present, the author explains that during the dry
>season in Florida, alligators seek out damp muck and thrash about until they
>create a gator hole. As water seeps in from below, the hole draws many
>species of animals, creating a unique ecosystem. The text also presents the
>dramatic story of how alligators were brought to the brink of extinction
>before making a remarkable comeback.
>Read and find out about how alligators are much more than big jaws and sharp
>We've included a tactile drawing of an alligator by Artist Ann Cunningham.
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