[nobe-l] The Power of words--is this the image we want for our children with visual impairment?

Anne Ward inland2wards at att.net
Wed Apr 6 23:44:09 UTC 2011

This disgusting video is actually an ad for a public relations firm, but it is a terrible portrayal of a blind person.  Possibly we can all protest to this firm, at the very least.

I have to say YUK and Double YUK to this video.  The pity button is not a desirable thing.  Blind folks have been fighting for years to overcome the stereotype of "blind beggars" and pity for them not being able to see.  The only thing missing in the video is that the guy was not selling pencils, lightbulbs or brooms door to door.

The image of the blind as pathetic beggars keeps public perception of the blind right back in the 19th century and the unemployment rate of capable blind people sky high.

I understand the point of the message but for those of us involved in the struggles for equal civil rights and opportunities for people with disabilities things like this video disgust and sadden us.  It undoes so much of the work that we are doing.

This video really illustrates how well-meaning people can do great harm while trying to do good.



Anne Ward

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