[nobe-l] Questions

Danielle Shives shives1 at myactv.net
Tue Apr 12 22:45:34 UTC 2011

Hi, all,
My name is Danielle, and I am relatively new to this list. I am about to receive a master's degree in Special Education. I earned my bachelor's degree in elementary education 2 years ago. I am finally ready to look for a job! I am totally blind, but I am interested in teaching sighted children. I know it is not easy to get such a position for someone who is totally blind, but I know some of you have done it, and I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me. specifically, how many of you have an aide in your classroom, and what types of things does this person do? Also, who pays their salary? I have received conflicting information on this, so I thought I would ask those with experience. I would also be interested to know what grade or subject you teach. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts to pass along, I would certainly appreciate it, and I will probably have more questions at some point. Thank you in advance.

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