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What grade do you want to teach and what subject?  Do you have a focus for 
special ed? Is it learning disabilities or maybe cognitively delayed?
Good luck
I'm on the list because I'm interested in education and thought about going 
for my masters to teach blind and visually impaired students.
But for now I'm not in the field; maybe I'll volunteer though and see if I 
like working with kids.
There is a lot of predjudice in the education field; you might want to have 
reference letters and recommendations when you go for an interview to prove 
you have done it and can do it safely.
When I attempted to major in elementary education, I encountered many 
negative attitudes; I went for a general BA for other reasons though 
including being real overwelmed by the education class work.
But if I do it in grad school someday, I can focus on education rather than 
the other core classes required as an undergrad student.

Good luck.

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Hi, all,
My name is Danielle, and I am relatively new to this list. I am about to 
receive a master's degree in Special Education. I earned my bachelor's 
degree in elementary education 2 years ago. I am finally ready to look for a 
job! I am totally blind, but I am interested in teaching sighted children. I 
know it is not easy to get such a position for someone who is totally blind, 
but I know some of you have done it, and I was wondering if you could answer 
some questions for me. specifically, how many of you have an aide in your 
classroom, and what types of things does this person do? Also, who pays 
their salary? I have received conflicting information on this, so I thought 
I would ask those with experience. I would also be interested to know what 
grade or subject you teach. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts to 
pass along, I would certainly appreciate it, and I will probably have more 
questions at some point. Thank you in advance.

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