[nobe-l] A question about job searching process

Kathy McGillivray kjm at usfamily.net
Wed Dec 28 04:32:00 UTC 2011

Hello. I see no reason to mention your disability in your cover letter or 
resume. Hiring managers and HR folks are going to wonder why you are 
mentioning it. Just submit your cover and resume as anyone else would, 
making sure it looks good. Then, if you get an interview and feel you don't 
want to catch folks by surprise, you can call a day or two ahead of time and 
ask for confirmation of some directions or some other point of information 
related to the interview. While doing so, you might mention that "I just 
wanted you to know that I am blind, so you are not caught off guard." Some 
folks feel most comfortable disclosing in this way ahead of time. This is 
what I have chosen to do. So you know, I just started a new job this past 
summer and was offered a position a year earlier which I decided to turn 
down. I have had a number of interviews in the past couple of years and this 
disclosure method seems to have worked for me. Other peple see no reason to 
disclose ahead of time. You will need to do what feels most comfortable for 
you. I strongly advise against mentioning your disability in a cover or 
resume. This would be a red flag to me as a hiring manager and I would 
wonder why you are bringing it up. I think mentioning your disability in a 
cover or resume is a fairly good way to not get an interview. Others may 
disagree with me, but this is my view.

Kathy McGillivray
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Dear all,

I have a question about job search primarily to those working in
academia.  I plan to go on the job market next academic year, and want
to ask other people who have applied for academic positions whether
they have mentioned their disability on their cover letters or whether
recommenders have mentioned it.  If you did mention it what do you
think is a “graceful” way to do it?  I also wanted to ask if you have
some kind of assistants and what would be a good time to mention this
in the job searching process.  All advice would be greatly

Happy New Year to all!


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