[nobe-l] working with younger kids

Heather kd5cbl at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 01:40:15 UTC 2011

Yes, I saw that, I will have to check out.  I had that when I was in school,
think I gave it away back to another person.  
I have read in my teaching classes that, schools are not focusing on cursive
writing anymore.  They are stressing on the ability to print and type now.
I am not sure if this is true everywhere.  I don't know if this is a change
do to technology or what!  But almost all my kids I watch do all there
homework on a computer even in first grade.  I know not all schools are like
this but, more and more students seem to prefer the computer over the old
style of handwriting.  I see this growing trend as both positive and
negative.  In the future, noone will have to worry about reading one's
writing but, if you cant print because all you do is on the computer, what
happens if your ability to get to a computer fails, how do you communicate?
I took a science and technology class back a few years ago that asked that
very question as we trend towards a  paperless society.   Heather 

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