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Hi, I give each group member a job and one of them is monitor. I got this
from a high school teacher I once had, and that persons job is to keep the
group on task. They don't report to me, but they do fill out evaluations of
each member at the end of the day that I would see. I don't do older kids
now that I'm graduated as I only did that for one semester, but it may work.

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Hello all,
I am currently completing my student teaching in an 8th grade English
classroom.  I ran into a situation yesterday and I was hoping you all might
be able to provide some suggestions.  The students were working in groups
and I was monitoring the groups.  Afterwards, my teacher informed me that
about three of the students in the classroom were not engaged in their
groups.  How can I find this out in the future?  What's a good way to ensure
all the students are participating when doing group work?
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