[nobe-l] interviews tips

Faith Manion faith_manion at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 27 21:56:16 UTC 2011

I was emailing in hopes of receiving some suggestions/ tips from blind educators who are already working in a public school.  I recently graduated and I am searching for a teaching job in KY.  I am certified to teach English grades 5-12, and from what I have heard, I am the first blind educator in the state to search for a position in a public school.  I have had several interviews this summer, but I have not landed a job.
Does anyone have any suggestions/ tips?  I fear that principals may fear giving me a position because I am a first year teacher and I am blind.  I have also stated, when asked, that a growth area is classroom management, which I think concerns some principals, but I feel like that is very typical.  My strengths are in my content knowledge and teacher/ student technology use.
Thanks for any help
Faith Manion  		 	   		  

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