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  Matt was right on with suggestionss. I will say it is harder than ever to get a teaching job these days as so many cuts have pushed people back into the job hunt scene, joining people such as yourself who are in that scene for the first time following graduation. English in particular is very full of candidates. Math and special ed seem more available, but you will have a tough time, as many others will. Pretty cool actually that you have had what sounds like a number of interviews. That is quite the statement as to the quality of your credentials. Stay strong and positive and patient, as easy as that is for me to say from my place already holding a job! Smile! It will happen, when you present yourself as the best candidate to a principal who is perhaps a risk-taker or a thinker-outside-the-box. Since you can't know which principal that is, you just need to keep your part up in being as energetic, positive, creative, proactive, and prepared as you can be for each interview. Keep us posted.
Kathy Nimmer

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> Hello,
> I was emailing in hopes of receiving some suggestions/ tips from blind educators who are already working in a public school.  I recently graduated and I am searching for a teaching job in KY.  I am certified to teach English grades 5-12, and from what I have heard, I am the first blind educator in the state to search for a position in a public school.  I have had several interviews this summer, but I have not landed a job.
> Does anyone have any suggestions/ tips?  I fear that principals may fear giving me a position because I am a first year teacher and I am blind.  I have also stated, when asked, that a growth area is classroom management, which I think concerns some principals, but I feel like that is very typical.  My strengths are in my content knowledge and teacher/ student technology use.
> Thanks for any help
> Faith Manion  		 	   		  
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