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Hi Kathy, I am trying to start to be a substitute in a school under an
institution known as OCMBOCES. Under this corporation, there are schools,
which provide education for children with special education needs. I have
taken the Liberal Art and Sciences Test (LAST) and I am trying to take the
teaching blind and visually impaired  test (CST) test in the near future.
Thus, how could I approach the schools to start my substitution? I mean I am
already in the substitute list of the schools, and I am getting calls;
However, my problem is as follows:  Is it good to ask  the schools  to call
me only when they need a teacher aide or TVI assistance in a class where
there is or are blind and visually impaired students?  And I want also  to
substitute in the regular class for sighted students of high school     only
in specific subject areas such as  in history and English language classes.
so, is it good to ask the schools to give me a call during a specific
subject area. I mean during history and English language  classes for the
sighted students?  And in  any subject area   for blind or visually impaired
And if I decided to substitute on this limited condition, how should I get
the text books of those  grade levels in Braille or electronic format?
Sincerely Nasser M. Fitwi--Original Message-----
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  I teach high school English in a public school. Your concerns are valid,
though it can be done. I was hired in 1992 by a principal who liked to be a
risk taker. I didn't care, as long as my foot was in the door. Eventually,
the school corporation hired an aide to help with paperwork, discipline
support, and later computer things that are not accessible with Window Eyes.
Had I been looking for a job today, I think things would have been even
harder as so many corporations are in financial strain, thus making the
hiring of an aide not an easy reasonable accommodation for a new situation.
With the student population we have, the large class sizes, and the diverse
needs, my current position would not be possible for me to do well without
sighted adult eyes to supplement, either in this paid aide position or by
volunteer helpers. I do think private schools and definitely universities
are prospects where some increased ease might exist. Again, the public
school thing is doable. It just takes a whole lot of ducks being lined up in
a row and a whole lot of courage and persistence.
Kathy Nimmer

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> Subject: [nobe-l] Spanish Teacher
> Hello,
> I am a Spanish major about to finish up in the spring.  I am considering
going on to get my masters to teach Spanish but I have some concerns.  I
have been told that it is unrealistic to think that I would ever be hired in
a public school system as a blind person, mostly due to difficulty with
disciplinary issues.  Are there any blind public school teachers on this
list?  Could anyone provide me with some feedback on this concern?  I have
been told, however, that blind people have been more successful teaching in
private schools or the university level.
> Thanks,
> Robby
> --
> Robert Spangler
> The University of Toledo
> Senior, Urban Studies and Spanish
> robert.spangler at rockets.utoledo.edu
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