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I don't  know if this is what you want, but there's a program called Byki
that does a lot of translating from one language to English and back, there
are flash cards and it's free and audible.  Other than that, I've only been
on the side of finding accessible resources to help me learn a language on
my own, so my helpfulness might stop at that.  There is however a site
called Lang8, also easily found on google, that isn't auditory but is made
up of volunteers--mostly people learning different languages-- who in
exchange for putting up paragraphs and such in the language they're learning
for correction, can help those learning their native language.  It's a
different way to have a more international peer to peer interaction, if that
interests you.

That's all I know, let me know if it is helpful in any respect.

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Hello everyone!

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I thought I'd give
it a shot anyway. I'm working as a language and culture assistant in Spain
at a public school. As of now I work with small groups of students (3 or 4
at a time). Primarily I work with them on conversational English--
pronunciation, listening/comprehension and cultural activities. I'm
wondering if anyone could recommend ESL websites that they have found
accessible for Jaws users that possibly have a listening comprehension
focus, or if not any that you have found to have accessible materials. The
kids that I work with are at varying levels of English, but mainly beginner
/ intermediate. Since most of what I do has an oral focus, I've been
struggling to make what we do interesting... Sometimes I feel like I'm
boring them to tears! So if any of those websites have ideas of how to make
it more fun or interesting that would be a big plus.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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